DAY 5: ‘Extra dry martini’

To start off, I have to put it out there, that I found this blog THIS very day, actually… 15 minutes ago ! Extra dry martini is the creation of a wonderful soul, SARAH. She is the kind of person we all need in our lives; honest, positive, passionate.. and so on. I can relate to her and I am sure you will too. You know when you are finally home from work and you want to relax, when you are soo low that you want to give up, when you are happy, excited or you simply need a friend…. turn to her blog. You will find comfort and support. She is authentic and honest. She will give you real advice. I am saying this after reading just a hand full of her posts, there is so much more to explore. You inspire me Sarah.

I leave you with a slice of her writing:

I’m still navigating my own perfect storm, still ever aiming for True North. But along the way, I have learned to recognize that the words “a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor” are true. I have learned to make peace with the storm, learned to love it even, because the storm has been my becoming.


.LOVE <3.


DAY 4: ‘Developing Dad’ and ‘Draw the public’

I just couldn’t help myself, I had to introduce them both. These two bloggers are polar opposite, but extremely talented in their niche. I mean EXTREMELY talented. Let’s start with the first one.


Pretty self explanatory huh..:) This blog is run by the amazing soul, Joe Medler. He not only writes about parenting, but also talks about his life, which is very inspiring and more importantly relatable (you don’t need to be a dad to relate.. seriously !)  He has been writing for 20 years; so I guess you can comprehend his class of writing. His blog really made me feel so good, it somehow feels very comfortable. I am not done yet ! He also writes about life lessons, they are must reads. So to conclude he is amazing, and you should definitely check him out.



Where do I begin..Oh I know ! he is amazing !! This blog is run by a man named Russell. He is a sketcher. Undoubtedly, he is the best I have ever come across, 100%. What I love about this man is that he believes, and I quote

” In today’s celebrity obsessed culture, ordinary, everyday people are overlooked, when they are infact extraordinary and one of a kind. You, the public are the inspiration.”

His sketches are soo amazing, that I am literally showing his blog to every single person I meet 😉  Hands down, I obsessed !

CLICK IT: (Extremely sorry if this link doesn’t work, but please copy the link in the search bar.. he is mind blowing)

Some days, be lazy.

Some days it’s okay to feel lazy, it’s okay to not want to get out of bed. STAY. Everything in the world is soo fast paced, everyone is rushing and moving and stressing. In this ramshackle, taking a break is necessary. Wear you sweats and stay in bed, let your hair loose and take a walk, go for a swim, meditate… anything that helps you relax. There is nothing wrong in spending a day by yourself, doing your own thing. You work extremely hard, spend numerous sleepless nights; you deserve a break. Connect with yourself, connect with nature and do the things that you love, things that your busy schedule restricts you from doing. Relax and be happy, because ultimately, that is what life is about.

.LOVE ♥.

Day:3 ‘Can anybody hear me ?’

We need to sit back, and love ourselves, I mean EVERYTHING about ourselves, our hair, face, quirks, weaknesses… everything. Be thankful about the fact that in spite of all the turmoil in the world, you are here today reading this, you are alive.

Take care and love yourself, because you are all you got.



You need to read it, to get it.

.LOVE ♥.


You know that feeling, that you get when you are are the edge of a cliff. There is this rush of fear that roller-coasts down your spine, goes deep into your belly, and shoots right into your throat. Your mouth is open, breathing in every ounce of air you can, to quench the doubt and fear. You are terrified, not about flying, but of falling.

In life we will many a times find ourselves at such cliffs, and if you don’t shit your pants out of fear, then you are not normal. Fear is our body’s first response to change, to new beginnings. I, am at new beginning in my life right now and its huge. I just couldn’t stop thinking about how my life is going to turn out and that’s when I realized, I am not alone. Soo many people out there are in the same position as mine. So this is for every soul that is anxious for their future..just breathe and believe.

YOUR FEARS ARE AN ILLUSION. You are a fighter and you have fought to be where you are right now. You did not work this hard to turn around, you are here not to survive, you are here to thrive. It’s just the pessimist in you that is putting you down, exhale it out of your life. If it is change that you are afraid of, then just think about this, everyday the earth, the climate, energy, air, YOU.. change. You seem to deal with all these ginormous changes daily, there is nothing that you cannot do. If you have the power to face the whole worlds adversities, then this minute (though it may seem otherwise right now) change, is just a cake walk.

I understand, to some this is just philosophy. So let me break a Universal fact to you- LIFE IS NEVER CONSTANT, CHANGE IS ITS ESSENCE. What is change actually ? It’s just like a new day, it’s different. Somehow over the years, the world has made us think of change as a fearful thing. A caterpillar changes into a butterfly, a lump of clay changes into a piece of art, a seed changes into a sapling. Change, new beginnings, edge of a cliff.. whatever you may call it, it’s all good. Face it like a BOSS, because you are nothing less. You don’t know what tomorrow is going to be like, even if your brain thinks it’s going to be horrible, there is an equal chance that it is going to be epic. IT IS GOING TO BE EPIC.

I understand that asking a person to just stop being afraid is illogical. What I want you to do is to re thing about all those times when you were in this exact same situation, but it all turned out okay. so live in the present and believe in the power within you. A little positivity never hurt anyone, right ? Don’t worry about these little things; you will miss out on the amazing experiences of life. Change is amazing, and you were born ready for it.

.LOVE ♥.

Day:2 ‘BELLINGHAM REVIEW’ and ‘Beradadisini’

My extreme love for poetry and stories brought me here….


I also have another blog that I want to share with you all. It’s called Beradadisini. Beradadisini is an indonesian word which means ‘being here’. It is run by a woman called HANNY KUSUMAWATI. I love really. Her writing is deep, she can write about any damn thing and it will be a masterpiece. Hanny writes about love, life, travel and writing. Truth be told, I found her blog 30 mins ago, by just scrolling through the homepage I knew she was an amazing person. On a final note, I just want to say that,in the times when I want to laugh, I need support, inspiration, upliftment, amusement, laughter, guidance, peace, love, advice… I will always turn to Beradidisini. Hanny has it all, I am thankful that amazing souls like her exist..

CLICK TO VISIT: (I am extremely sorry if this link doesn’t work, but please check out her blog, she is truly an inspiration.)

.LOVE ♥.

Day -1 ‘ alpha // whiskey // foxtrot ‘

WOW…is all I can say. What a beautiful soul ! ‘alpha // whiskey // foxtrot’  is run by an amazing women, Ashley Wilson Fellers. 

Somethings about her :

1 She lives in Roanoke, Virginia.

2. She has a bag full of skills -writing, painting, singing, dressing up, photography, cooking..(she calls them completely useless, but I a 100% disagree.)

3. Her shoe collection is getting shamefully large. (I love how honest she is !)

This woman is an inspiration. She started this project called ‘Same Body, Second Glance: A Body Image Project’ where she takes one picture a day, in which she truly sees herself as beautiful, for 40 days. I absolutely adore this approach. She also writes a little after every picture, so honest, so beautiful. Also, she does this thing called Wordless Wednesdays where she just posts a picture (it’s always so deep and meaningful). Finally; obviously she writes, her writing is the kind that I relate to, that everyone can relate to.

If in 2016 you only read one blog, then read this one. She will hold your hand through her words and lead you on the path of self love. Her writing is empowering, the kind that you read when you are blue, as well as when you are pink . Ashley, if you ever read this (the chances are very slim:() I just want you to know that your work, is amazing, and I am more than a 100% sure that I am going to show your blog to every single person I know, like seriously.


.LOVE ♥.