NAIL a first impression.

OK so I personally believe that first impressions mean nothing. Even though, an amazing first impression never hurt anyone either. It’s always a good feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you both really hit it off. Sometimes if you are at a business party or if you have a corporate job, then, good first impressions can  be a life saver. So here are some tips to nail a first impression.


If you are not confident then don’t worry I have got you covered.( This so important, I cannot stress it enough. Even if you don’t feel like you can do it, just fake it. I know it’s easier said than done, but just give yourself a pep talk and be a BOSS. Don’t hold yourself back, speak your mind.

  • Hello, nice to meet you, my name is a/n
  • How are you doing today, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting.
  • Hi ! I hope you don’t think I am a nut, but your shoes/car/watch.. is stunning !


Generally we wreck our first impression because we are sooo caught up in ourselves. Focus on them. Listen carefully to what they say, look into their eyes. Eye contact is a long lost art, master it. Try to find some common interests and ask them questions. Everyone loves talking about themselves.

  • Your hair looks amazing! Where did you get it done ?
  • Do you like coffee/sushi.., because I know this amazing place.
  • So where did you vacation this summer ?
  • How do you know the host ?


Believe it or not, scent is the strongest trigger for a memory. Smell amazing and you will surely be remembered 😉


Who does not like compliments ? It’s an almost fool proof method to flatter someone. If they compliment you first, accept it gracefully (never deny it) and quickly find something that you genuinely like about them and return the compliment. Also explain why you like it otherwise there is a chance they may think that you are doing it for the sake of it.

  • You are very articulate.
  • That is a beautiful dress, it reminds me of the sea.
  • I admire how you compose yourself.
  • You are so disciplined !
  • I love your style, its minimal yet classy.


Remember how you were taught to stand when an elder enters the room, knock, say please, pardon.. Don’t ever forget them. In today’s generation people who care about these little details are very scarce. You will instantly gain respect and will be remembered for sure. Don’t feel ashamed, good manners are a sign of civility, knowledge and honour, take pride in them.

  • Sir/Ma’am may I come in ? (always use ‘may)’
  • You may have this seat.
  • I appreciate you agreeing to meet with me.
  • I hope your ride was comfortable.


By loud I don’t mean scream and by clear I don’t mean slow motion/ over pronunciation. These two are very annoying traits. Make sure you are audible and you don’t mumble or swallow your words. This generally happens when you are scared. If you find yourself in this situation, just breathe and start over.


Faking your personality, is not going to get you anywhere. Never pretend to be someone you are not. You will regret it for sure. Let out your little quirks, people who are worth it will accept you the way you are.


How you end it is very important. Always end it with a compliment and if possible a future reference.

  • You are soo much fun.
  • I had an amazing time.
  • We should meet again.
  • Thank you for meeting with me, I will look forward to your call.


  • HUMOR: I know that some of the worst jokes in history come from the mouth of people who are nervous and are trying to be funny. Trust me I have been there.. it’s pretty embarrassing, but the longer you stay quiet the more awkward it’s going to get, so just blow past it. So take a chance if you get it and if it doesn’t work then laugh it off.

eg: (…..awkward silence after the mind numbingly stupid joke..) Well that was not funny, what was I thinking ! (Say it in a cheerful yet confident way.)

  • Smile and be happy.
  • Dress in a way you feel comfortable.
  • Don’t hang onto embarrassment, it happens to everybody. Just be a sport and laugh at yourself.

Now go and make some killer first impressions..  :*

.LOVE ♥.



5 Things BOXING has taught me.



Disclaimer : I am not at all a professional boxer, but, I train because I have an extreme passion for it.

Without beating around the bush I am going to get right into it.

1  You shall fall, bleed, fail… but you shall never quit:

It’s very normal to suck at somethings in life,  but that does not mean you give up. I remember breaking three toenails, spraining my hand, banging my head into a wall…. but these things just made me a better fighter. Falling is a part of rising. If you really want it, then don’t make giving up an option.

2  Avoid a fight till you can, but when it starts, don’t back down :  

Violence is not cool. Never start a fight, it’s not worth it. Even if the opponent starts fighting, try to make them submit as far as possible. But sometimes there is just no choice. In such situations, let the badass in you, shine through.

3  Practice :

You need to do it, not till you get it right but till you cannot get it wrong (thanks to pinterest for the quote !). Boxing is mostly about getting your technique right, and you can only do that by practicing it over and over and over again. This also applies to every single thing you do in your life.

4.  Fear will get you killed :

Know the difference between anxious and fear. Always remember that your opponent is also human, a liver punch is going to hurt them as much as it is going to hurt you. So no matter what the situation may be, keep up your confidence and believe in yourself.

5.  The little things matter the most :

Keeping your guard up, bob and weave, pivoting your legs, hip movement, wrist alignment… all these are as important as throwing a punch, maybe even more ! Even in life, if we work on the little things the bigger goals seem easier.

.LOVE ♥.



Why I love my body, and you should love your’s too.

I love my body. Unconditionally and unapologetically, because it is MINE. Not in a narcissistic or egoistic way, but in a proud and self-respectful way. For me my body is my shield, it has powered through all the ups and downfalls, it has wounds, scars and marks. Not of pain, but of victory. When I look into a mirror I don’t see a survivor, I see a warrior. In this world full of judgmental animals (aka shamers) it’s difficult to respect your body. People who shame others, according to me, have an IQ less that a bag of crayons. Because you have to be extremely ignorant, insecure and disgusting, to judge a person on their physical appearance.

Loving your body comes from respecting it. A person who respects their body will never tolerate body shaming. Never put up with anyone’s comments about your body, stand up for yourself. No one in this world has the right to judge you, remember that. If they call you fat, weak, skinny… whatever it may be. Do not remain silent, do not endure. Speak your mind and show them what you are made of.

Learn the art of balance. Eat chocolate when your soul craves it, but also eat a salad when your body needs it. Somedays you stay in bed and eat cupcakes and pizzas, but the next day do yoga and run a mile. Know when to be silent, but also know when to speak up. Be loud, crazy and carefree but also be understanding, ethical and kind. It’s all in the balance. If you listen to your body, then you don’t own anyone an explanation for what you eat, the way you dress. Be your own person.

I have encountered many such shamers (family, friends.. it can be anybody) and more often than not I have ignored their comments. But I have changed and if you are like the past me, then so should you. But this doesn’t mean that I go around shaming others. I believe in empowerment not hate. Each one of us has the power create a difference, first in ourselves and then the world.

We all have been judged, shamed or objectified at some point of our lives. But, it does not have to continue. You and me together, can end it. If you could even slightly relate to this article, then please share this. Try to propagate, ‘Stop shaming’ in any which way you can, through Instagram, twitter etc.

Love your body. Celebrate your body. And don’t take shit from others.

.LOVE ♥.

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I am sorry :(

I am very sorry to inform you, that due to somethings, I am going to have to discontinue the A-Z challenge. 😦

I have had sooo much fun in the past 9 days, visiting, reading, talking and getting to know some mind blowing bloggers. But it seems like life currently has different plans for me…

I absolutely adore the idea of discovering and featuring bloggers, so I will surely be doing that whenever I can. 🙂

I am grateful to Gary [  ]  for introducing this challenge to me. I made some really amazing friends through it…♥ 

.LOVE ♥.

DAY 8: ‘Holly and flora’

Gardening, Cocktails, DIY’S and Food… best combo ever!

This blog is run by an amazing woman named Jayme Henderson. She is unlike any blogger that I have featured. I only write about things, people, blogs that inspire me and Jayme inspires me. If you are wondering why, then here is your answer. She has soo much passion. She started this blog in 2012 and since then she has been posting atleast once a week. Now that is dedication! Her blog makes me happy, because she does what she loves and she shares that joy with the rest of the world.

Visit her blog to see amazing photography ( she is a self taught photographer. I honestly would have never known if she didn’t mention it, she is really good !), awesome DIY’S, gardening, and most importantly Cocktails 🙂 (there are millions of recipes..and I am not even kidding ! )


PS: JAYME I abso-bloody-lutely love your hair !! 🙂


DAY 7: ‘Gapawa’

I think you saw this one coming, Gary 🙂

Now, where do I begin to describe this wonderful soul. Firstly, his name is Gary Warmerdam. His writing style is extremely fluid, you just cannot get enough ! He is amazing at photography, poetry, feel good writing…. he has got it all.

I have read every single post he has ever written and can I just say one thing, in all my life never have I been soo happy while looking at a laptop screen. Gary, has the most amazing story, HIS story, captured in his blog. I am soo glad I found your blog. I really mean it.

His honest, unapologetic and extremely inspiring writing is addictive. He is soooo good at what he does, that while reading some of his posts I feel like I am literally there. Also, he was the first blogger to ever notice my work. Let me tell you, Gary is a well established blogger and still, he was willing to read a neophyte’s (me!) blog. How amazing is he !

He also has the most beautiful wife, Kim and a precious son, Jaxon (otherwise known as GRUMPY CITY). He sometimes posts their pictures and they are really amazing.

I can go on and on, but to conclude I just want to say that you need to read his blog, right now. It will the most amazing decision of your life. He writes about the problems we constantly encounter. He has genuinely taught me a lot of things ; about blogging, life, family.. merely through his writing.

He taught me that life is like a piece of clay, you can shape it the way you want. It’s never too late, if you want, you can achieve anything.


PS: Gary can you explain what gapawa means, I have been wondering since day one 🙂