Why I love my body, and you should love your’s too.

I love my body. Unconditionally and unapologetically, because it is MINE. Not in a narcissistic or egoistic way, but in a proud and self-respectful way. For me my body is my shield, it has powered through all the ups and downfalls, it has wounds, scars and marks. Not of pain, but of victory. When I look into a mirror I don’t see a survivor, I see a warrior. In this world full of judgmental animals (aka shamers) it’s difficult to respect your body. People who shame others, according to me, have an IQ less that a bag of crayons. Because you have to be extremely ignorant, insecure and disgusting, to judge a person on their physical appearance.

Loving your body comes from respecting it. A person who respects their body will never tolerate body shaming. Never put up with anyone’s comments about your body, stand up for yourself. No one in this world has the right to judge you, remember that. If they call you fat, weak, skinny… whatever it may be. Do not remain silent, do not endure. Speak your mind and show them what you are made of.

Learn the art of balance. Eat chocolate when your soul craves it, but also eat a salad when your body needs it. Somedays you stay in bed and eat cupcakes and pizzas, but the next day do yoga and run a mile. Know when to be silent, but also know when to speak up. Be loud, crazy and carefree but also be understanding, ethical and kind. It’s all in the balance. If you listen to your body, then you don’t own anyone an explanation for what you eat, the way you dress. Be your own person.

I have encountered many such shamers (family, friends.. it can be anybody) and more often than not I have ignored their comments. But I have changed and if you are like the past me, then so should you. But this doesn’t mean that I go around shaming others. I believe in empowerment not hate. Each one of us has the power create a difference, first in ourselves and then the world.

We all have been judged, shamed or objectified at some point of our lives. But, it does not have to continue. You and me together, can end it. If you could even slightly relate to this article, then please share this. Try to propagate, ‘Stop shaming’ in any which way you can, through Instagram, twitter etc.

Love your body. Celebrate your body. And don’t take shit from others.

.LOVE ♥.

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