DAY 8: ‘Holly and flora’

Gardening, Cocktails, DIY’S and Food… best combo ever!

This blog is run by an amazing woman named Jayme Henderson. She is unlike any blogger that I have featured. I only write about things, people, blogs that inspire me and Jayme inspires me. If you are wondering why, then here is your answer. She has soo much passion. She started this blog in 2012 and since then she has been posting atleast once a week. Now that is dedication! Her blog makes me happy, because she does what she loves and she shares that joy with the rest of the world.

Visit her blog to see amazing photography ( she is a self taught photographer. I honestly would have never known if she didn’t mention it, she is really good !), awesome DIY’S, gardening, and most importantly Cocktails 🙂 (there are millions of recipes..and I am not even kidding ! )


PS: JAYME I abso-bloody-lutely love your hair !! 🙂



4 thoughts on “DAY 8: ‘Holly and flora’

  1. Your kind words were SO timely today! Thank you for mentioning my blog. I’m so happy that you enjoy reading it. Have an amazing day!! I just whacked my hair off again this week, so it looks just about the same. I can’t get out of this particular haircut rut, lol. 😉

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