DAY 7: ‘Gapawa’

I think you saw this one coming, Gary 🙂

Now, where do I begin to describe this wonderful soul. Firstly, his name is Gary Warmerdam. His writing style is extremely fluid, you just cannot get enough ! He is amazing at photography, poetry, feel good writing…. he has got it all.

I have read every single post he has ever written and can I just say one thing, in all my life never have I been soo happy while looking at a laptop screen. Gary, has the most amazing story, HIS story, captured in his blog. I am soo glad I found your blog. I really mean it.

His honest, unapologetic and extremely inspiring writing is addictive. He is soooo good at what he does, that while reading some of his posts I feel like I am literally there. Also, he was the first blogger to ever notice my work. Let me tell you, Gary is a well established blogger and still, he was willing to read a neophyte’s (me!) blog. How amazing is he !

He also has the most beautiful wife, Kim and a precious son, Jaxon (otherwise known as GRUMPY CITY). He sometimes posts their pictures and they are really amazing.

I can go on and on, but to conclude I just want to say that you need to read his blog, right now. It will the most amazing decision of your life. He writes about the problems we constantly encounter. He has genuinely taught me a lot of things ; about blogging, life, family.. merely through his writing.

He taught me that life is like a piece of clay, you can shape it the way you want. It’s never too late, if you want, you can achieve anything.


PS: Gary can you explain what gapawa means, I have been wondering since day one 🙂











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