Come home to yourself, with YOGA


Yoga is my most favorite thing in the world, but calling it a thing is wrong; it’s more like an experience. It is an experience of love, gratitude, awareness, joy… the list is endless. A year ago if you would have asked me to try yoga, I would have laughed and said, “Yoga is not for me, I don’t have the discipline or flexibility!” but after the moment of closure in the past month, I came to the startling realization, that yoga is barely physical, it’s all about how you feel. Having things on your mind during your practice is not a bad thing, yoga teaches you to embrace them, fear, anger, everything. Embrace; this means to take it as a blessing, as an opportunity to grow. To learn love from hate, kindness from jealousy, peace from anger… and to let go of everything that does not serve you 🙂

Yoga is the ultimate teacher. I started yoga as a way to escape my feelings, but in turn it taught me acceptance. I am still learning, I believe that you can never fully learn yoga. Every day on the mat is different, the feelings, your state of mind, it keeps shifting; growing. Every moment on the mat is a blessing, it is a strong way of imparting self love.

Yoga feels like home to me, it gives me sense of self. I understand that I am saying the same things in different ways but that’s just because I love it soo much and ‘defining is limiting’ and yoga has absolutely no limits. When you feel like it, give yoga a try. It will change your life. Remember, its okay if you cannot touch your toes or bend a certain way, because yoga is not about that, it is about what you learn and experience on your way down (I read this line on pinterest 🙂 ).

If you want to start off, I would suggest Her name is Adriene and she is out of this world, amazing. I love her.

This is her blog:

I could go on and on about yoga and Adriene (of course!) but this post has to end sometime 😉 So, LOVE LIFE, LET PEACE&LIGHT BE YOURS FOREVER :*

.LOVE ♥.


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