DAY 6: ‘Firespirit’

OK, I am feeling soo ecstatic right now !!.. I found a blogger who not only belongs to India, but is also from Kerala !! Could it BEEE any cooler (Chandler referrence 😉 )

PS- I am a South Indian ( from Kerala ) too! 🙂

Now, about the blog, Firespirit is the creation of the most amazing soul, Elaine (I am not sure if this is her name..sorry 😦 ) She loves books and her vision is to spread happiness in every way she can, and I have to say, she a 100% makes me happy ! Her writing is honest, and it is extremely relaxing. Another amazing thing about her is that she puts A LOT of effort into her posts; her content is fresh and she also adds beautiful pictures (hand picked by here, through hours of internet surfing.) with them. Double treat !

I also find her writing, extremely empowering and inspirational. I love her work and I am sure you would too.


(Is just me or are there way too many emojis and exclamations in this post ? 😉 …oops did it again, LOL! )



11 thoughts on “DAY 6: ‘Firespirit’

  1. Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so so overwhelmed by ur damn beautiful and inspirational words dear. I never thought of anyone to write or talk for me, When i so ur email notification for ur comments, i was damn curious to read but unfortunately my curiosity had to wait several hours due to internet shut down. Now finally i got chance to see it. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for ur writing since without even knowing me u wrote about the hard work i take while i write each piece 🙂 Today u make me feel i should write more no matter whether few or many readers exists out there 🙂 In fact i was having slight withdrawal symptom too… 😦 But i knew that i can’t stop myself from writing 🙂 Ur blog was the right time kick… Thanks a lot dear 🙂 Lets motivate many more 🙂
    By the way, I do use lots of emojis and exclamations…. 😀 😉

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    1. Thank you for your kind words ! I meant every word I wrote in that post. Your work is genuinely inspiring. Please, don’t ever stop writing 🙂 I am sure your blog makes a lot of people happy, especially me 🙂

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